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Monday, July 1, 2013

recent product love

Recently I've been doing some eye-balling of some lovely things... a lot of which are from Target because, well... I spend a lot of time there.  I went yesterday when my husband was going to be trading in his cell phone for a new one and renewing his plan... I was disappointed when that didn't take very long. :(  So here is a little list of some of things I've been admiring lately... the first being one I purchased a while ago...

This is a necklace mentioned here in a previous post... well I bought it! It's from an Etsy store called HansonDesign.  I really love the coral color paired with two of the neutral colors {gold & white} because then I can wear it with so much!
This necklace it definitely worth the $25, and I always love supporting Etsy stores! It comes in other great color combos too!

When I've been at Target lately, I've been thinking about the types of items I'd like to implement into my decor in my next house {for whenever our house sells}. Here are a few things I've liked...

A wall clock...

My current wall clock is definitely not much of a statement of decor in my current house. And actually the time has been wrong for over a year, probably because it's hung too high for us to access easily! I think this clock could serve a useful purpose as well as be an element of design. I like the retro-ness of font and the simple black and white.

Next a curtain... I've always seemed to struggle finding curtains I like for some reason, at least ones that are within my budget! Although, I am really liking this pleated one from Target.

 It's simple and provides a sutle stripe. It comes in three other colors as well.

I also found a rug I would like for my kitchen or bath, but I did have one problem with them though... Does this bother anyone else??? 

 I cannot stand that this rug isn't symmetrical! With such few stripes I find it's kind of awkward not being symmetrical.  Hmmm... maybe this is just me... yes?

I haven't seen this pitcher at the Target store recently, but I did find it online.  I love it, it would look great sitting out in a kitchen somewhere.

And to break the Target run here at the end, another Etsy item from the shop MerriWeatherCouncil.  I have been wanting to try some embroidery art, kind of like this one...

Hope you enjoyed looking at some of my favorite things!

1 comment:

  1. Soooo no lie- I've been contemplating embroidering too... And yeah- that rug drives me batty. Just out one more stripe on it! Sheez