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Monday, July 29, 2013

Home Tour {craft room}

This is the last "tour" of the current house, which I'm super stoked about! I'll probably be referring to this house in the future as the "Hickory House" {since it's on Hickory Street}.  All of my home tours  can be found under the "My house" button at the top of the page.
When we moved into this 4 bedroom house {which looking back, was pretty unnecessary for us} I knew I wanted to make one bedroom a craft area. So then I started sketching up all these crafting units for Caleb to build... which he was super thrilled about. :) After he denied my first few ideas of entire wall units... I simplified it to a desk with cubbies on the ends for storage.  I found a plan online that we followed for building the desk, although this was a long time ago and I don't remember which one we followed. It should be pretty simple to google or search on Pinterest for plans if you were interested in DIY'ing a craft table. I also planned on putting 2x4 boards on one wall of the room for some added "texture," painting the entire room, and doing a couple of small projects to hang on the walls.
Unfortunately I do not have a before picture of the room. Just picture the entire room a very tan color with wall paper {that was supposed to look like sponge painting} on the top half of the wall.

Here's a good view of the "board" wall & the desk Caleb made

Here's a zoomed out picture of the room...

The cute antique stool that normally sits at the craft table was free from my mom! She was going to put it in a garage sale before I snatched it up!

The cubbies on the ends of my craft table hold shoe box sized storage boxes that I've gotten from Michael's & JoAnn.  I stuck to about three colors {white, teal, cardboard tan} that went with the rest of the room.  All the boxes are labeled for what they hold... examples of my labels are: batteries, glue/tape, fabric paint, acrylic paint, swatches, photos, etc. I also picked up some antique locker baskets to hold things like fabric and yarn.

The three open shelves on the board wall are from Ikea, as well as all of the magazine holders on the shelves.  I put old magazines I want to keep, plus some of my crochet booklets in those.
The pegboard that is on a small wall in front of the craft table also gives me lots of storage.  Caleb whippped it together for me with some leftover peg board and trim. I love the mounted mason jars for brushes, pens, pencils, markers - that way I can find it all quickly and I don't have 5 pencil holders on the table.  I do have a very cute pen/pencil holder from West Elm that is an owl. He sits on one of the shelves {he's real cute - see below}.

Owl pencil holder from West Elm, 2 antique locker baskets, my washi tape collection & some baker's twine

I have started a small collection of antique file drawers {see below}. Right now they are situated on top of each other and hold just some random stuff {twine, washi tape, notebooks}.
Antique file drawers, a collection of crafty books, Rifle Paper Co. notebooks, my twine collection
 Here's a close up of my fabric covered bulletin board... one of my very first post on this blog {see here for details}.

Well that's it for this Hickory House... can't wait to start transforming the rooms of the new {old} house!

*All pictures taken by me unless stated otherwise


  1. Actually, the cute antique stool was from Hank. :)