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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home Tour {family room}

Well I really need to finish up the house tour of a couple more rooms in the house...and I'm kinda on a deadline.  Why's that?  Because we are moving!  That's right, we've bought a really old house {like 100+ years old} which we are both so, so in love with!  I cannot wait to get in there and start making it our own!  But for now I'd thought I'd try to share with you all the last couple of rooms we did change in our current house.  I've already posted about the living room & the kitchen, the only other rooms we really changed were the family room in our basement {today's tour}, my craft room, and our master bedroom {which I kinda already shared in a "before & after" post here}.
I also choose a bad time to share about our family room because I am going to have to dig back to find pictures since we just sold our sectional that was in the family room and Caleb started packing up all the decorative items! Great timing by me...

Anyway, here's the before picture...

Kind of a bad before picture, but you get the idea...
 The main thing we did right away in this room is paint.  The color is Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams. I gave the trim a fresh coat of white as well.  My trim color for the whole house is Dover White by Sherwin Williams.

We also removed some glass doors off of the built-in above the TV.  We liked the look of a built-in bookcase rather than a built-in cabinet.  The doors of the Cabinet dated it a bit, so it looked better without them.

The rug is from Urban Outfitters, sofa is from NFM, gray chair is passed down from my family

One bigger project I did was a gallery wall on the back wall of the room.  I made this a place for travel pictures.  My frames are from a variety of places... some are really old from my college days, Target, Ikea, thrift stores, etc.  I decided to have a color scheme of wood tones, off-white, and a few different shades of purple.  For the purple ones I choose a purple paint chip from Home Depot, and had them make the small samples of each color.

My "where we've been" gallery wall

For one of my odd shaped thrift store frames I made a "pin-it" map.  I cut a piece of thin cork to size and glued on my map of the United States.  Then we stuck pins in all the places we have been!

Sorry, bad phone pic! And all the pins are gone because Caleb had already packed it up!

I collect a few random hooks from craft stores, thrift stores, and Anthropologie to create a little area to hang something.  I found a weaved market bag on Etsy and hung it on a hook.  While on vacation to NYC, I found a hankerchief with an NYC map printed on it, so I decided to stick that in the bag.  I did the same thing on our Colorado trip, with a hankie that had Rocky Mountain National Park on it!

My NYC handkerchief

Here's a few other things from around the room...

The left side artwork is something I had made custom for us off Etsy.  It came from the shop Poppy & Pinecone.  They now sell this same Kansas/Missouri print... which I feel somewhat responsible for. :) It's not pictured in the pictures of the gallery wall above becasue it was a later addition to the group. The black and white pillow came from Ikea, the purple and blue ones all came from West Elm.  I got the West Elm pillow covers on clearance for $9 each - I got a total of four {an additional light purple that isn't pictured} and I love them so much!  The handkerchief is from Rocky Mountain national park, like I mentioned earlier.  I'm now making a point to try and find handkerchiefs from places we visit!

Well that's it for that tour... in all reality I may be able to squeeze in just one more, probably the craft room... then it's on the new {very old} house!

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  1. Omg bagorie this is unreal!! You are so good at making a place cozy. And I adore your where we've been wall. You're looks much cuter than mine haha