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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Finally I have finished one of the many small projects I have going on around the house!  This one is for my craft room {which is still very much of a work in progress itself}. I made a fabric-covered bulletin board using some new fabric I recently purchased and an old bulletin board I've had since elementary school.  It is nice to re-use something I have laying around instead of spending more money and throwing re-useable items away.  It is such a simple project and I know I will get a lot of use out of it.  So I started with my very old and doodled on bulletin board from way back when...
I removed the white frame from around the board.  Then went and bought a piece of high density foam at my local craft store.  I bought the thinnest one they had at the time, although I could have used one thinner than the one I bought.  Mine is a little thicker than what I would have preferred.  I cut the foam about 1/4 inch smaller than my cork board or else my wooden frames would not fit back on. Lola was obviously helping with this portion of the project...
 Then I wrapped the board and foam with my fabric.  The fabric I used is made by Kaffe Fasssett and the fabric is called Turkish Delight in Grey. I used upholstery staples to secure my fabric in place on the back of the cork board.
After a fresh coat of spray paint, I reattached my wooden frame to the fabric board.  At the last minute I decided to add some twine to run horizontally across the board.  I laid the twine where I wanted prior to putting the frame on - so the only way it is really attachted is by being pinched in place by the frame.
Then my handy husband hung it on a wall in my craft room! :)  And now I can use it to hang/pin up little bits of inspiration I find!