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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New York, New York!

Over the Easter weekend, Caleb and I were lucky enough to go on a little getaway to New York City.  I had been there a long, long time ago with my family, but Caleb had never been.  We had a really good time and got lots of exercise in... walking that is!!!  We did use the subway, and a cab a time or two, but even with both of those there was still so much walking!  Which is good I guess because it helps burn off all that New York style pizza {which i LOVE}.
Other than the pains shooting up my feet at the end of the day, I enjoyed walking around and exploring this never-ending city.  And of course I had my camera in tow practically the whole trip.  Side note: I love taking pictures {I have a DSLR Canon T1i} and I love coming home and editing them in photoshop.  By no means am I professional, I merely stumbled upon this hobby.  It is something I really enjoy and I have taught myself everything I know up to now, like shooting and how to use photoshop {even though I only know a fraction of what there is to know}.  So walking around New York and taking lots of pictures was a priority!  Some of my favorite spots to take pics were the Brooklyn Bridge {Brooklyn side of course looking onto the city}, top of Rockefeller Center {great city views of central park, empire state building and everything else}, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and on the street at random markets and parks.  Unfortunately the Brooklyn Bridge was under some construction, so there is a white tarp over a section of the road-portion of the bridge.  Not ideal for my "perfect picture" but I guess that just means I'll have to go back someday. :) Here are a couple of my favorite pics:
Brooklyn Bridge looking towards Manhattan


From the top of Rockefeller Tower looking at the Empire State Building at dusk.

Blooming Dogwood and the Statue of Liberty

Inside Immigration Building at Ellis Island

And while there, I made it a point to go to some home decor stores, specifically one that I see Genevieve Gorder go to on her show "Dear Genevieve" that I watch religiously.  The store is ABC Home, and while it is very expensive, it had amazing displays and lots of inspiration.  I was walking around the store using my cell phone to take pictures of things I wanted to keep reference a of! Even if I am going into stores that are outside my budget, I love to get fresh ideas and NYC was a great place to do it! Now I'm ready to update my home with spring decor!
ABC Home store
Not the best picture, but I absolutely love these mercury glass light pendants.  The under side of the pendant that you can't see was a brassy color - they were gorgeous!

 Overall it was a great trip to spend time with my husband and also to get some wonderful home ideas!


  1. Agreed it was a great trip although carrying the camera and tripod all around the city was quite the choir!
    The Statue of Liberty pic is my favorite. Great Job with the picture and editing Laurie.
    Too bad we couldn't find any English speaking people to take our picture while we were there!

  2. LOVE the pics!!! Can I go with u guys next time, LOL:)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time!

  4. Loved the pics...statue of liberty and dogwood is my favorite! Glad you had a good time!