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Friday, March 29, 2013

lovely spring things

I cannot wait for spring to truly show it's face!  If I see another snowflake I might cry!  Unfortunately that's very possible in our upcoming forecast... boo.  The weather never stops the stores from rolling out all the wonderful and brightly colored items though!  I have been loving a lot of spring items recently and thought I'd share some of those...
First is a wreath from Target... when I told Caleb I "loved this wreath!" his reaction was "really?!?"... soooo we don't always see eye to eye although he usually comes around to liking my style. :)  I really like the bay leaf wreath look, plus the anemones - my new fave!  When I snapped this pic at Target it was on sale for $35, not really a price I want to pay, but I love it no less.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find one on clearance in a couple of months.

Next, Rifle Paper Co.  I. Could. Die.  I love everything they have ever made and will ever make in the future!  Too much? Well it's true.  I really want to snag some of their beautiful journals.  I'm not one for journaling too much, but I have some other plans for these babies...

Rifle Paper Co. journals

I spotted this tote at Gap the other day and the bright colors caught my eye.  Another thing I really loved about this bag was the zipper at the top.  I've been keeping my eye out for a tote this shape & size with a zipper and have found they can be hard to come by.  We are going on a trip to Boston soon and I'd like a bag that I can keep my wallet and camera/lenes in, so it must have a zipper to be more secure.  Carrying around a purse and a bulky camera bag is definitely not ideal, so something like this could really help.  This bag is $49.95 - but Gap has 40% your purchase like every other day, so I think I could get this for a fairly good deal.
Gap Tote

I also have an Etsy giftcard that has been burning a hole in my pocket for quite some time now.  I love so much stuff on Etsy, but I really love these necklaces I found recently.  The colors are bright and springy and there are several color options!  The shop they come from is called JM Designs.

Color Delight Beaded Necklace

Another Etsy favorite is tea towels.  I have admired this one in particular for a long time.  What a great way to add color to the kitchen! Made by claudiagpearson's shop.  She has tons of other great items too, I love her style!
Spring Tea Towel

Now to enjoy some spring-like weather!

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