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Monday, August 12, 2013

home woes & bible verse {printables}

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The past few weeks have been full of the unexpected and some emotional ups & downs for us.  Unfortunately, the sell of our current house fell through...which means the buying of our new {old} house also fell through. :( Big bummers all around. So we started back at square one with trying to find another buyer for our house while hanging on to the house we want in Liberty with a 30 day contingency offer. We also dropped the price on our current house again to see if being a little more aggressive would help the process along.  So we will see... right now we just wait, and trust in God's plan for us.
It has been difficult for us to try and understand and appreciate the fact that God is in control of this situation.  After all, this isn't what we want to happen... and what we wanted to happen was within grasp {less than 3 weeks away from being a done deal} just to have a major let down take it all away. I can definitely say I've already learned some tough lessons through all of this... Caleb and I have had many conversations about flaws in ourselves that have been exposed through this all. I've definitely been seeking peace through God's word through this all... which has made all the difference!  Here is one excerpt from the She Reads Truth devotional blog about trusting in God's plan of the "big picture" and not getting stuck in the temporary moment... {I highly encourage everyone to read this particular devotional from that day}

This truth really spoke to me as I feel like there have been so many times I have needed to hear this in the past {with my dad's death, with job situations, with this house situation} and so many times in the future I'm sure I will have to reflect on it.

I just so happen to have started working on some bible verse printables right around the time all these house issues started going down, so I thought now would be the perfect time to share them.

This first one I made in two different background colors because I couldn't decide which one I liked best... :)

Then I went with more of a floral theme...

This next verse is one my sister sent to me during this rough patch... I really love the promise here that if we obey the Lord, He will come through for us - possibly not in a way we want, but He is faithful always.  {I have the best sister, thanks Lee!}

If you would like to download any of these prints for yourself, feel free. They are all 8x10 size. The links are below.  I like to get them printed on thick white card stock.  {I've used places like Office Depot or an online printing site called Zazzle}

**NEW** Visit my Etsy Store, Lou & Letter, where I sell hand lettered prints and gifts!

Printable Verses: