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Thursday, June 23, 2011

around the house

For the past couple weeks I have had little free time, and even less time to blog about anything! I have changed a few things around the house.  I love switching out decorations for the seasons, and sometimes even more often.  My last post was about my new obsession with Pinterest.  I absolutely love the site because I can get so many ideas from it.  I recently found an idea for making yarn covered letters using cardboard letters from a craft store. So I decided to give it a try... and even Caleb helped!

 Here is the finished product on the mantel, one of the places I change my decor a lot.

I love decorating the mantel and changing it out a lot! I have a few pieces that always stay up there, like the antique plaster frame and usually the candle holders.  I recently put a sentimental piece that belonged to my late father.  It is an old glass bottle with a cork lid that has pennies in it.  As a kid I would always take the pennies out and then put them back in, and usually "steal" a few in the process.  It looks like something I would have bought from an antique store if I would have seen it for sale, but it came from my own family which makes it so much better to decorate with because there is a story behind it.
I also recently purchased some new pillows for my basement family room sectional! Two of them {the black & white ones} are from my New York trip, I bought them at Ikea.  The purple and blue ones are from West Elm.  I got them on sale for $9.99 a piece! You can find them here.  Not only are they on sale but it was free shipping for them!

 I really like the combination of all the pillows and I think they look really good on the couch.  Before, my pillows were really boring, but now they really stand out and look like they are supposed to be there.  Plus, I am going to be bringing more of the purples into the room on the next project I'm working on for this room... more on that later though.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

my new obsession

It was a little more than a week ago that I stumbled upon the website Pinterest.  I am now offically in love and obsessed.  It is an amazing website for people to post images of whatever... and there happens to be a lot of homeish type things on there, which has me hooked.  You can have "boards" where you "pin" things you like. Most boards are categorized as to what types of images are pinned there.  A few of my board categories include "For the Home", "Photos I take" & "Home Exteriors".  I definitely don't have as many boards or pins as some do, but trust me, I'm working on it. {just ask my husband}
I also think it is such a great way to keep a log of things you love and you can access it whenever!  And even crashing hard drives can't take it away from you. {which is something I'm always looking out for now}  :) Here are a few of my favorite pics I've found via Pinterest...

Check out where all these pictures came from and all my boards and pins here: Laurie's Pinterest