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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{snow day}

This week's snow day is much better than last week's... for me anyway.  Last week I was trapped at work for about 24 hours... it was miserable! Today I finally got to sit around and do nothing with Caleb! Actually, we got out and enjoyed the snow a little bit. I really wanted to get our dog, Lola, out of the house and get her some exercise.  She sure did get it jumping from footprint to footprint behind us!

We took a walk to a creek near our house...

Lola is definitely worn out now, success!  She'll be busy doing this for the rest of the day... in this exact location...

Hope you all are keeping warm!

Friday, February 22, 2013

celebrating valentine's day

We spent our Valentine's day at one of Caleb's basketball games this year.  While not an ideal way to spend V-day, it was an extra special game with our dear friends there, spending their Valentine's day next to me on the bleachers and being amazing supporters of Caleb!  And we all went out to eat afterwards so it was a great double date with some people we love the most!
On Friday night we also celebrated Valentine's day in a way we hadn't before... with a 3 {almost four-year-old} as our date! It was a date all about hello kitty & princess movies!  I wanted to make it feel like a special day for Lainey, so we got her a small gift.
Here she is opening her Hello Kitty gift basket...

Then we headed down to Crown Center to eat at Fritz's.  It had been a long time since I had been there and Caleb had never been.  The grub was delicious!  Lainey choose the house specialty grilled cheese sandwich. :)
Caleb embracing the railroad attire.

Then we took a quick moment {it was cold!} outside to get a few pictures and Lainey also wanted to see the people ice skating in the rink.
The trees in the court yard area were still lit up which made for a great camera backdrop!

Back inside Crown Center we made a quick stop into the Crayola store so Lainey could express some of her creativity!  Her illustration of choice that night was definitely "rainbows"... even if they were all brown. :)
 We had a great time with our sweet date! We topped off the night watching the movie Brave at home!  
Hope you all had a great time with your loves this Valentine's day!

Friday, February 8, 2013

watching coach champ

This is an overdue, mushy, bragging post about my husband.

Here he is at his basketball game last night...
Pic I took with my phone last night.

I love watching him, he is truly an amazing coach!  He is such an encourager and has a smart basketball mind {well, a smart mind overall but I am always impressed basketball coaching abilities}. If I were describing my husband while he was coaching to someone who didn't know him I would say: "See that handsome, dark-haired, coach who is jawing a little bit to the refs about that bad call?" :)  All good coaches have give the refs a little bit of trouble... but not too much.  He hasn't even gotten a technical foul this season! {that's a record since he got two last season} ;)

Eyes are closed, but doesn't he look good with his skinny tie on? :)
The only thing I have to complain about is how sore my tush is after sitting on bleachers through JV and Varsity games!  I need a coach's wife seat cushion!
I can't wait for him to coach {officially or unofficially} our kids some day!  Love you Coach Champ!