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Friday, September 13, 2013

fall style

Well it's that time of the year when everyone is sick of the hot weather and ready for those cool crisp days.  That way all the girls can justify their Pumpkin Spice lattes that they have been drinking in 99 degree weather {honestly, I've never even tried a Pumpkin Spice latte... but I will this fall, and then I'll probably join the bandwagon}.

I do really love everything about fall... the clothes, the home decor, the yummy candle scents, the changing leaves, & of course the weather! I've recently bought a couple of things that are fall-ish over Labor Day weekend when there were some great sales.  I bought a pair of pants for work that are a maroon/wine color, and also a necklace that has blush colored gems. Here's a little snapshot from my phone...
Tank from Forever 21 - $14 / Pants from LOFT factory outlet - $30 / Necklace from J.Crew Factory outlet - $15 / Shoes from Madewell (old)

I also dug down deep in my purse to find $80 worth of giftcards to J. Crew!!! If you know me, you know this was a HUGE deal!  I worked at J. Crew in college and I absolutely love their clothes.  I still have tons of stuff that I bought while I worked there 8+ years ago... a true test to their timeless style and quality if you ask me! {My husband thinks that's just one of my "lines" to justify buying from there... but it really is true in some cases!} ;) So yes it's pricey and no I don't buy stuff full price from there, but I do know what their best sales are and I do tend to jump on the 30-40% extra off the sale price promotions cause I know that's when I'll get the best deal.  So a couple weeks ago J. Crew had a sale of 20% off everything, including full price items.  The sale + the giftcards meant it was time to get something real nice.... :) I wanted something more unique than just the average shirt I always buy, so I landed upon this jacket...

It's back ordered so I don't have it yet, BUT I'm really excited to get it at the end of September... right when the weather cools down.

I'm also mildly moderately obsessed with fall home decor... favorite inspiration pics via my Pinerest page include...

Gorgeous entry way! I can tell from just this picture that I could live in this house forever...
Source here

Simple Halloween garland
Via Etsy shop here

Great fall table centerpiece
source unknown

And a Halloween costume I might just have to try on Lola... :)
Source here

Love the large branches around the front door! This is actually the owner of Nell Hills front porch {I talked about Nell Hills here}
Source from this blog

Also, if you are transitioning your home decor to fall, don't forget about the Halloween printables I made that can be found here!