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Monday, July 11, 2011

my favorite home decor store!

I feel like it was meant to be that I moved into a home that is only about 7 min and 20 seconds (or something like that...)  :)  from am amazing home decor store.  The store is Nell Hill's, find it {here}.  I can't afford everything in the store {like some of the furniture}.  But they have great, affordable accessories and tons of inspiration.  I go here all the time just to look around.  One of my favorite areas is the fabric section!  They have a large selection of fabric on bolts.  I often take pictures with my phone of some the most inspiring finds, so here are a few.

I want a giant gray bookshelf like this! {Insert snarky comment by husband here about everything I like being gray.}

Love the art and accessories.

Excuse my shadow in this picture... oops.
Bamboo lanterns, bought these at Nell Hill's and here they sit in my family room.

Picture from the Nell Hill's website - the most amazing ottoman ever!
If you ever have the chance you should definitely go!


  1. Lee- shame on you. I go with your mom all the time.