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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What do I want to share...

Well, to be honest, I never thought I would have a blog.  My inspiration would have to be my sister, Leanne, and her blog "Made by Lee."  I love to read hers which leads me to read the blogs that she follows, and she has encouraged me to start my own.  So... here I am, several months later, and after several attempts at coming up with a blog name! (Sorry Lee, I didn't go with her favorite candidate "Between the 12's" - hinting at my job as a nurse and the fact I work 12 hour shifts). My blog will basically be about me, my home, and my little crafty projects.  So I guess I should start with a little about me.  I'm currently 25 years old, married with no children, living in Kansas City, Missouri in a house my husband (Caleb) and I purchased two years ago.  Oh yeah, and we have Lola, our Jack Russell Terrier. :) My family all lives close by so we get to see them often, Caleb's family is spread out for the most part, except his parents are close so we get to see them often too.  I love lots of things, including but not limited to: home reno projects (nothing too crazy though), gardening, shopping for antiques, staying organized, country music, exercising (actually just got back from a 4 mile race in KC called the Trolley Run!), photography, and of course hanging out with family and friends!  Oh and I guess I can't leave out my sports teams - Royals, Chiefs, and Jayhawks!  I don't like a lot of things too, including but not limited to: cooking (yeah I'm disappointed about it too), watching TV all day long (this is where the hubs and I differ), working too much (which seems to happen a lot), a messy house, and wintertime/snow! 
Today's post will be just a little snippet about me, hopefully I'll be able to post some worthwhile things fairly soon.  Although, the hubs and I are leaving for a little vacay on Thursday for New York City - which I am super thrilled about and I hope to come back with some great pictures.  Stay tuned! :)