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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

lovely spring things {2014 edition}

My blogging frequency since moving into our new house has been slow.... slower than I expected.  My decision making on where things go and where to hang stuff up has been a bit of a struggle.  I'm trying to be extra careful about hanging stuff because I really just don't want to have to re-do it later!  With spring around the corner I think I'll be motivated to make some more decor decisions and bring in some more color.  I always wrestle with starting a project and then getting easily distracted by other projects or potential projects {one of the major downfalls of Pinterest}!  I'm going to attempt to make myself a list of projects and try REALLY hard to stick to it!

In the mean time I've been scouting out what types of things I need to add to my decor for spring. Some I will try to DIY and some I need to buy.

First up, abstract art.  I want to try and DIY at least one large canvas using these as inspiration...

1 // Underpinning abstract art by artist Clare Elsaesser via Etsy
2 // Abstract by artist Britt Bass Turner
3 // Abstract by artist Britt Bass Turner

I really love the Britt Bass Turner painting and she does offer prints in her shop, which would make them a lot more affordable to possibly purchase in the future.  We will see how my abstract skills pan out.... I haven't had a ton of luck in the past.

I would like to buy one {or maybe more} of these...

1 // Pineapple print from Creature Comforts on Society 6
2 // Flower Child print by artist Clare Elsaesser via Etsy
3 // Navy & Yellow floral print by artist Clare Elsaesser via Etsy

I would LOVE the pineapple print for my kitchen! I admire so many of Clare Elsaesser's artwork as well.  She offers prints too, making it very affordable!

Next, I'd really like to get a wreath on my front door. Our front door has a huge pane of glass almost the width and length of the door, so having something to obscure the view would be nice since our house sits close to the road. I would like to DIY one and have been looking at some like this for inspiration...

1 // Skinny floral wreath
2 // Baby's Breath wreath {found on Flickr}
3 // Fruit & berries wreath from Style Me Pretty Living

The baby's breath wreath would be a very classic wreath that would look good anywhere and during pretty much any season.  I love the skinny looking wreaths too, I think I may attempt to make mine a skinny version.  The fruit and berries is a nice fresh looking wreath, although I would probably want to find fake fruit that doesn't look too fake.  I'm unsure how long real fruit would last...? Same with flowers though, either dried or pretty fake would be best.

If you want to see last year's "Lovely Spring Things" post, you can find it here.

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