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Monday, April 9, 2012

more succulents

So I found myself at the river market this past weekend and I of course stopped by the booth where a man sells succulents for dirt cheap.  I recently purchased an antique colander and needed to do something with it, so I decided it would serve well as container for more succulents - drain holes included.  So today I got around to putting it all together.  {I did a smaller and similar use of an old container on a previous post here}
My antique zinc colander
I wasn't sure what I would use to line the colander since the dirt would obviously come out through the holes, but I finally decided to try to find the hanging pot liners {found out they are called coco or coconut liners}.

I had to cut back the coco liner quite a bit because the smallest one I could find was for a 16" hanging pot and my colander is only about 8 inches.  I also cut a slit halfway through to make it fit better.
I went ahead and added a coffee filter {actually two of them} because I figured with time the dirt may find it's way through the coco liner {especially where I cut it} and the filters may slow it down a bit.
My succulents
The arrangement
Here is the final product {along with the top picture on the page}.  Here you can see it next to my somewhat overgrown last succulent project and sitting nicely above my kitchen sink.  The dirty grout is just a bonus for everyone to enjoy!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Here is a pic of the hubs and I after we got home from church!
Enjoying the hammock!

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