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Thursday, March 8, 2012


I was born a Jayhawker in the great state of Kansas.  And the day I married and moved into the neighboring state of Missouri {and changed my driver's liscense and liscense plate - to less prettier one's}, I may have shed a little tear.  Although, nothing would ever diminish love my Kansas Jayhawks no matter where I live!  Growing up my family was always watching Kansas basketball and even going to the games every now and then.  My husband and I almost never pass up the chance to go to a game, we enjoy being 2 of the 16,300 people that show up to Allen Fieldhouse every game.  That gym is filled with history and tradition, which plays a huge part of the atmosphere.  Fans of other teams, especially those of less storied programs, don't really understand unless they have been there and experienced it.  I would encourage fans of any team {yes, even Mizzou} to experience a Kansas basketball game at least once.
Luckily we had the chance to sit in some really amazing seats {thanks, Uncle Roy!} as we attended the last home game of this season.  I took my camera and to grab some pictures of course! I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

A remake of the original banner.  The original hangs in Allen Fieldhouse and has a great history behind it.
Students "read the paper" during the opposing teams announcements.

Robinson, Taylor & Johnson having a mid-court chat.

Friendly high-five between the two big men of the court.

A huge flag that covers a huge portion of the student section - reads "Beware of the Phog" at the top.
Thomas Robinson - a true junior on this senior night, but destined for the NBA after this season.
Bill Self, couldn't ask for a better coach!
Tyshon Taylor's senior night speech.
Phog Allen Fieldhouse's rafters are getting pretty full of these! And now 2012 needs to be added!
Rock chalk Jayhawk, KU!

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