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Saturday, November 23, 2013

the new {old} house before pictures

Well after being in the house for about 3 weeks, I'm finally getting around to gathering all my "before" pictures to show.  Most of these pictures I took at our inspection of this house... which was back in July or August {before the first sell of the Hickory House fell through - read about that here}. So if you pay close attention to the outside pictures you'll notice the seasons aren't the same.  I did forget to take pictures of certain rooms during the inspection {like the front of the house and the kitchen... my mind was absent that day...}, so a few pictures I recently took.

A couple of facts about the house...
  • it's 100+ years old
  • we nicknamed it the "rainbow house" when we first looked at... you'll soon see why.
  • the style of the house is folk victorian, not to be confused with a traditional victorian with lots of bay windows and gingerbread trim... folk victorian is more simple and usually the house is a square or "L" shape.... ours is pretty much a square.
  • 3 bedroom, 2.5 half {3 bedroom is a step down from our house we just moved out of which was 4 bedroom... but we were fine with that}
  • 2 story {all the bedrooms are on the 2nd floor}, and it does have a basement, but not one we could ever "finish"
  • this house is part of Caleb & I's attempt to live more simply that what we did before {smaller house, lower mortgage payment}
Let the tour begin....
Front - I don't love the colors... but I don't hate them. For now they will stay as is.    Can you spot Lola??

And lets transition back to the summer season... :)
Anyone else need deck stairs that 20 people could stand on at a time?

I love the old details like this door handle and the trim - this is the original front door of the house.

Did you know red is one of my least favorite colors on walls??? Lucky me! Don't worry... these are short-lived.

Standing on the landing of the stairs, you can either go up or take a back hallway to the kitchen

Living Room
Dark purple? Also not a fan...

The first of two fireplaces

Standing in the dining room looking into the living room

Dining Room
Ugly green? Yes!
Fireplace #2... that's the previous owner's wood, not mine.  I inquired about buying it... she wanted $200... ummm no.

 Pumpkin orange, anyone?

I already changed the lights over the kitchen island... they were too big and horrible looking! I forgot to take real pictures before they came down, so here are phone pics of Caleb and his dad taking them down...
They were as wide as the island itself!

And two of them! I couldn't wait to get rid of them so I could stop ducking my head while cooking!

And here you can see what I replaced them with... simple globe lights! One still without a bulb. :)

Washer/Dryer coming soon! They will be stacked in that corner!

This room also needs painting and that crap taken off the wall... are you seeing a pattern here?

This is a VERY old dress that was found within the walls of the house during renovations years ago... it stayed with the house as part of the history.

Hall bathroom
I love the classic black & white tiles in this bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master bath

Walk-in shower tile floor... so glad her tile choices weren't anything like the wall color choices!

That's pretty much it! Lots of painting has already taken place so those pictures will come as I get more rooms in order!

1 comment:

  1. Laurie!!!!! You're such a grown up!! It looks amazing so far and I CANNOT wait to see what you do with it. You're bedroom looks amaz. Love the exposed brick. Gosh, this is going to be so great. Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas!