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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Home Tour {the kitchen}

Oh the kitchen... what a project! We have spent lots of time updating the kitchen...
When we bought the house the kitchen had hardwoods that were a honey oak color, the cabinets matched as well.
So the story goes that I didn't like this color...

Me: "I don't like this color!"
Caleb: "Well what are you going to do about it?"
Me: "We are going to change it all!"
Caleb: "No."
Me: "Well we are definitely re-doing the floors!"
Caleb: "Okay."

Floors were re-done {by a professional}... in a dark walnut color...

Me: "The cabinets and floors don't match!"
Caleb: "Well what are you going to do about it?"
Me: "WE are going to re-do the cabinets!"
Caleb: "That will suck!"
Me: "No, it will be fun!"
Caleb: "You're lying."

So 15,000 paint swatches and 2 weeks later... the cabinets were re-done and I was a liar!
It was hard work to re-paint the cabinets, but I definitely think it was worth it.  Here's a simple break down of the steps...
1. Remove all doors and drawers
2. Clean everything with a de-greaser {especially for areas near the stove}
3. Sand everything {we used an electrical hand sander to speed up this step}
4. Prime with an oil-based primer {per recommendation from a professional painter}, let dry
5. Lightly sand with fine sandpaper
6. Wipe down with tack cloth
7. Paint with latex paint color of choice {we rolled on the the paint on our cabinet frames and rented a professional sprayer to spray our doors and drawers}, let dry
8. Apply any new hardware
9. Put all doors and drawers back on the frames

And here is the after....

 The blueish wall color that was also seen in the living room is Night Mist by Benjamin Moore.  The dark gray color that is on the walls with cabinets I honestly can't tell you the color {I don't have any left & I don't remember}, but it is just a charcoal gray color, with more blueish undertones.

The kitchen table and chairs are all from Crate & Barrel. I choose different styles of chairs for the head of the table and the middle table seating.  The chairs at the head of the table are ones that actually match the table itself, the gray wicker chairs just complimented them nicely - but they aren't sold together or put together in the store necessarily.  Here's a close up...
The chair cushions are sold specifically for that chair... it took me a while to purchase them but I'm glad I did.  Since they are made for that chair it fits perfect and they are a great washable material and I can un-zip and remove the fabric shell to wash.  The candle sticks on the table are brass and I have found them at various thrift stores, along with varied glass vases as well {and yes that's my lighted Christmas garland in the background because this picture is from my Christmas decor post}.

One of my absolute favorite pieces of furniture in my house is the antique glass cabinet in my kitchen.  I got it at River Market Antique Mall a couple of years ago.  I think I paid something like $130 for it.  I absolutely love it and I'll keep it forever! It is great to show off some of the pretty dishes I have...

Nearby the cabinet is my apron from Anthropologie {a gift}, hanging on a hook which I also believe is from Anthropologie.  Then there is my chalkboard calendar, you can read the post about how I made that here.

Here are some more details from around the kitchen...

1. New kitchen faucet from Home Depot - brand is American Glacier {$88}
2. Vintage style Campbell's soup cans that Target sold several months ago
3. My air terrarium that was a gift from my sister-in-law, hangs above my sink
4. Collection of wooden spoons in a ceramic green jar from Macy's, Martha Stewart Collection
5. Antique glass herb jars {with herbs still in them!}
6. Various saucer's from thrift stores and some small bowls from Anthropologie
7. A photo strip of us from a wedding, taped to my chalkboard, washi tape purchased from Paper Source
8. Measuring cups from Anthropolgie {gift from the hubs at Christmas}
9. A close up of our cabinetry, the light gray color was a color match from a now discontinued {I think?!} California paints color. Cabinet pulls are from a store called Locks & Pulls.
10. Rug from Ikea {bought this on our NYC trip}
11. Notepad station... I'm obsessed with lists... see here. :)
12. New dishtowels from Crate & Barrel

Here is also a few phone/instragram pics of the items from the kitchen...
I attempted to get a picture of this plate with my real camera but during the day the light glares off of it {it's next to a window} that you couldn't even see the cute owl.  I took this picture at night, with my phone because I was too lazy to go grab my camera...but I didn't want to leave this guy out of the post! And this plate is from... Anthropologie... again a gift. {How do I have so many gifts from Anthro you may wonder... well maybe I tell my brother every single year for my Christmas and birthday that I want stuff from there.... maybe I've even been with him to pick it out exactly... maybe I rig the whole "draw a name for Christmas" thing because this just really works well... does it really matter?!?}  ;)
And an instagram pic, featuring my Crate & Barrel towels and new casserole set.  I had found a really old gift card so all this cost me a few dollars! Yay, best kind of shopping trip!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the kitchen, leave any questions below!

P.S. - house is OFFICIALLY for sale, check out our listing here, and tell your friends!

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  1. looks awesome Laurie! I have wanted to do the same thing {paint the cabinets} for quite a while now...maybe this summer will be when I finally get my act together and do it :)