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Friday, April 12, 2013

{exciting, fun, adventorous} week

This week has been a great week! Why? Because so many good things are happening!  First off, I got offered a job! Yay! {and I plan on taking it}  :)  It has been hard to be patient since graduating and passing boards, but I've tried to rest in the fact that I know God has a place and a plan for this phase of my life & career.  I'll be working as a nurse practitioner in a hospital and skilled nursing facility {which is an in-between place for people between hospital & home} in Blue Springs, Missouri.  I'm really excited and a little nervous about starting.  I don't have an exact start date yet but right now I'm celebrating in the fact I'm no longer looking for an NP position!

Yesterday, I told this news to my family while celebrating my mom's birthday.  I started off with "I have a little bit of news to share..." and I saw that initial look in my family's eyes when for a split second they thought maybe I would say I'm pregnant... but then it all dawned on them that it was probably just a job. They all still acted excited though for the job anyway! Ha! {One huge life change at a time, people!} :)
Dinner was great though!  Here's a picture of my mom and I after dinner.  I get told all the time I look like my mom.  I'm used to hearing people so much that I know it's true but sometimes it's hard to see it in yourself when people say you look like someone else.  Well... I see it in this picture...

It's like we have the exact same face! It's a compliment for me so, I'm blessed with that!

Another reason why this week is about to get even more awesome is because we are leaving shortly for Boston!  We are going with our friends, Tim & Melody.  Tim is a stud of a runner and he is running in the Boston Marathon.  I've never been to Boston so I'm excited to see some of the historical sites there, as well as experience {from the sidelines} the legendary Boston Marathon.  The weather is supposed to be nice and mild too!  Plus, who wouldn't want to travel with these guys...

They let me take pictures of them recently to try out a lens I rented to take on our Boston trip. :)

What a wonderful week, I'm truly blessed!  Can't wait to share Boston pictures and memories with you all soon!  East coast... here we come!

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  1. Oh my goodness Lori!! Congrats on the job!!! And for a second I thought you were going to say you were preger haha. Have so much fun in Boston!!! A tad bit {a lot} jealous ;)