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Thursday, July 26, 2012

four years!!!

As of yesterday, I've been married for 4 years! Seems crazy to me to have been married that long already, time has flown by.  I mean take a look at this stallion of a man I married!!!

Our marriage has been through a lot, but daily I remember why I married Caleb, here are a few things that typically occur and help remind me of the best decision I ever made:

1. Caleb likes to rap, and I enjoy listening to him! (He loves old-school rap!) Here's a video 
from about a year ago, he didn't know I was video taping at the time so at times my
hand is in the way as I was trying to be discrete. :)

2. Caleb loves eavesdropping on conversations when we are out in public. He
will often make responses to me about other people's conversations, no matter what the topic.  It could be a women's quilting group nearby discuss the woes of arthritic hands and trying to quilt and the man would still be interested! It's a nasty habit he can't kick, but it's part of his quirky self!

3.  I will often be in the house and here this song being hummed/sung very loudly
by Caleb:

You don't need to watch the whole video to catch my drift... But it's at this time that I know
Caleb is somewhere in our house holding our dog, Lola, up in the air as if she were baby
Simba being presented to the animal kingdom.  Usually this occurs when he is getting Lola
to put her away in her kennel if we are leaving the house... here's a visual in case you need it...
it's just another reason why I love him!

4. Caleb really takes into account my interest and things I like to do.  Shopping, decorating the house,
watching shows on HGTV, etc.  It's times where he unintentionally says things like "That really
compliments the space," and I smile at him because I know I did that to him. Usually he's slightly
embarrassed that he just heard those words come out of his mouth, but I know he's doing it for me. :)

5. Sometimes he's just crazy/werid/fun and comes up with the strangest things to occupy his time. Exhibit A: a Saturday morning in the Champ house...
And Exhibit B: a weekend at the lake...

6. Finally, Caleb is a man that is supportive of me, supportive of the vision of our family, all while
being a follower of Christ with a passion to serve others.  It's amazing to see why God has brought the two of us together and how we both have grown and matured through our marriage.  This reason is the most important of all my reasons why I love Caleb.

I love you babe!
4 years now and many more to come, all with my best friend!


  1. Laurie I LOVE this!!!! Him and Kell would totally be pals haha! Aahhh yea for 4 yrs!!!

  2. Oh Cabe!!! Thanks for posting this... it made me remember our childhood and laugh so hard! He hasn't changed a bit! Congrats on 4 years and many more to come!!

  3. Awwwwwww! Loved reading this! It made me feel normal!

  4. Laurie & Caleb,
    Congratulations for 4 years to a great couple.
    I love all the pics!

    Love you both,

    Mom :)