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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recent life in pictures {fall}

Recently I rented a lens for my camera, the 50mm 1.4, which I have rented in the past.  I love this lens and I'm hoping to save up to buy it myself someday soon!  I read a lot of photography blogs to try and sharpen my picture taking skills, and several photographers have listed this lens as a favorite of theirs, or at least one they keep in their stash!  It takes such sharp photos and provides a nice bokeh background when the f stop is set low.  I like editing pictures in Photoshop too, but I definitely know that's an area I could use some improvement {what I would do to have a professional watch me and tell me what I'm doing wrong}!
Anyway... here's some recent photos I've taken...

Saturday morning special...
This is not a bad hair day for Lola... this is a normal hair day.

Relaxing on the Saturday mornings... a favorite in the Champ household.

And then came Halloween and I had to get some pictures of my little neice, the "Laineybug"

Getting candy from the grandparents.

Her antennas :)

Clark Kent also paid a visit to his grandparents.

Discussing their flying tricks.

Saving the world, or at least Metropolis.

Then last weekend, I got together with my sister and Lainey to take some fall pictures...
Adorable, right?

I knew she would love using my teddy bear as a prop!

Love this one.

Fun on the swings.
That's all for now... :)


  1. Ummmmm.....these are all amazing! I love that you can be my personal photographer now!!! :)

    1. Feel free to donate to the "Buy the Lens" fund! :)