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Monday, January 30, 2012

{not-so-recent} adventures

So Caleb and I took my niece, Lainey, to the Kansas City Zoo back in... October! {hence the title of this post} It was a great time to go to the zoo because at that time it was free for KC, MO residents {which we are} and free for children under three {which she is}!  So it was a very cheap babysitting adventure!

My sister and I both were asking her before-hand what she wanted to see the most at the zoo. One answer we got were the lions, which is kinda funny because she's been known to talk about bad dreams involving lions... which can be funny and creepy at the same time.
She also mentioned the giraffes, and that was the main one she talked about that day.  Well, unfortunately the day we went was rather cool {started out in the 40's and warmed up to the 50's} and apparently the giraffes don't come out and play if its that cool out. :(  Which was disappointing, but not to worry, Lainey got to pick out a giraffe stuffed animal from the gift shop at the end of the day.
I took my camera with me to the zoo, only to find out my battery was close to dead when I arrived, so I didn't get to take as many pictures as I normally would have.  The pictures have been sitting on my computer for some time now and recently my sister gave me the link to some really neat photoshop actions {found here}.  I tried them out on these pics and loved them so much I figured I'd wake up out of my blogging hibernation {aka... grad school} to post them on here.
Caleb & Lainey looking over the Hippo

Lainey making some adorable comment that since I'm posting this months later I can't remember what it was!

Neither of us really look ready for this pic, but I still thought it was kinda cute.

Love this black & white one of us!
  Oh and I have an adorable video of Lainey looking at the tigers... 
This is one of the first animals we saw when we got there and they were making a quite growling noise as they paced back and fourth and you really can't hear that on the video but that is the sound Lainey is imitating in the video...



  1. omg she is so freakin cute. pretty sure i'd babysit her in a heart beat. and those pics look good! i'm gonna have to check out that photoshop website. ooolala.

    1. Julie, Yes if you have photoshop, the actions are definitely worth it!! And best thing is that those actions are free!